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Konata x Kagami 100% Canon

You must be wondering why I'm writing this, the reason is very simple, some people still think that Konata x Kagami (or Konami) isn't canon, so this is to prove them wrong. Let's start~

Canon Evidence


I think everybody remember this scene, Konata visits her, and she's moved and touched because she's worried about her.

Some people think this doesn't count because this was only for make a joke at the end. But, Kagami knew it? NO, of course not. She doesn't know she's an anime/manga character, she never knew Konata would ruin the moment at the end, she was thinking her true feelings at the moment, and I don't know about you, but someone isn't moved and touched just because a friend visits her.

Then we've episode 7, Konata is into Marimite, and when she tied Tsukasa's ribbon, Kagami had a reaction between jealousy and disappointment. She clearly wanted the body contact with her.

And she get it in the same episode~
"You should have just been honest."
Wiser words were never spoken.

Next Konata points out the obvious.
Meanwhile, all the time Kagami blushes.

Everybody knows her Dere Dere side wants to be close, at the same time her Tsun Tsun side wants to get away, then an epic mental battle occurs in Kagami, and this time at the end the Tsun Tsun side won, but for how long she will resist?

Later in episode 12, again thanks to Tsukasa clumsiness, Kagami said she was praying to be in the same class with Konata, but her Tsun Tsun side denies it saying she was praying to be in the same class with Tsukasa and Miyuki.

Afterwards her Dere Dere side confirms she was praying to be with Konata, in a certain song.

Then in episode 13, we've Valentine's Day, Kagami Dere Dere side makes chocolate for Konata, but when Konata realizes it, her Tsun Tsun side lies saying Tsukasa was making hers so she just joined in.

With all this I'm beginning to think that in the end, thanks to Tsukasa, the Tsun Tsun side will lose.

Next is the animal personality game in episode 18, Konata says she's the fox because she's crafty.

And then says Kagami is the bunny because she's lonely.

This commentary really affects her, besides the fact that she knows this personality fits her perfectly, she realizes both personalities fit their current situation: Because Konata's the fox and she's the bunny, and foxes catch bunnies.

Later in the same episode Kagami's really happy because Konata is sharing a hobby with her, rather she kinda forced her to read the light novel, but you can't deny she's really happy because Konata at least tried it.

All the time Kagami's staring at her, for a long amount of (show) time, if you know what I mean~


This picture is probably the 2nd most important Kagami evidence, because everything happened.

In episode 21 she receives a letter, and she thinks it's a love letter, at the start she's happy, but then she's worried, very very worried, and I guess you perfectly know why she's worried, didn't you? In case you haven't realized it, she's worried because she has to make a decision between the guy who's making a move and Konata the person she loves but isn't sure if she loves her back because Kagami never knows when Konata's being serious or not. At the end she decided to give him a try, then her hopes are crushed, and she gets a little gloomy for that, until she realizes something very important, she still has Konata. When her personality gets back to normal, Konata makes sure it will never happens again, using something very simple: a group photo. When the trip ends, and they're talking on the phone, her Tsun Tsun side lies again (but Konata sees through this), and her Dere Dere side realizes something very very important just at the moment she's staring at the picture, besides the fact that she still has Konata: She will never be lonely again, because she has Konata with her.

In episode 24 Kagami agrees with Konata about the cheerleading routine, at this point you can see her Dere Dere side showing more, because she never would have agreed, if Konata weren't the person who asks.

Then we've the OVA.
The OVA is canon because the script was written by Kagami Yoshimizu, the author of the manga.
There's so many ways with which I can respond to this. 
But this is the more accurate:

I don't think there's much more I can say about this.

But some people think this doesn't count because Konata forced her to say this in the dream, but there's something that they're aren't thinking, this IS Kagami's dream, so this ISN'T the real Konata, this is a false Konata that represents her subconscious in the dream, actually the whole dream is a representation of a mental battle between her Dere Dere side (subconscious, Konata) and her Tsun Tsun side (conscious, Kagami) and this time, at the end the Dere Dere side won.

Dat reaction~

This is probably the most important Kagami evidence.
And it's canon because it was written by Kagami Yoshimizu.
This is part of Lucky Star Pocket Travelers a canon manga illustrated by Akariryuryuha.

You could read it here: 

Once you read it, see Kagami's reaction, this reaction:

In case you haven't realized it yet, this reaction is the same as this:

But, can you see the difference between these two?

The difference is that: The Lucky Star Pocket Travelers reaction is real.

I think you perfectly remember that the reaction in episode 13 never happened.
But the reaction in the canon manga did happen.

And you know why it happened?
Yes! Because Konata said Thanks~

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that someone doesn't get all flustered and blushes
when someone says Thanks~ unless that person is the person she loves.

The final conclusion is:
Kagami is in love with Konata.

But what about Konata?


As a wise man once said:

Konata is obvious as heck

But the problem is that Kagami and some people think, that Konata is just messing with her and she really doesn't like girls, that's why Kagami is so shy to confess to her, because she isn't sure if Konata at least like girls. But she really likes girls. To prove it:

As you can see Konata shows interest in girls all the time, even when she isn't talking with Kagami, she does it when she's alone in her PC, when she's thinking and when she's with her dad and Yutaka, so it means she's being serious when she's with Kagami, it's just that she says it in a no so serious tone of voice~

Even Kagami Yoshimizu confirms it since volume 1:

Seeing the words encircled you can conclude that Konata is only biologically a girl.
And at this point I think you perfectly know what it means.

She fully realized she's in love with Kagami in episode 15:

As you can see, after the concert.

But then why Konata hasn't made her move yet?
She explains it in volume 7, you know one time each volume the girls talk about why they don't have a romantic life (nothing to be worried, just a chat between girls~), and Konata said something different in volume 7, she says:

Seeing what Konata says encircled, you can tell she's in part lying 

She in part is right because the other girls haven't triggered flags with anyone and they need to, if they want a relationship with someone.

But she's lying when she includes herself with the group, because she has triggered a lot of flags with Kagami, as you can see in the pictures above, but she of course has to lie because if she says she's triggering flags with Kagami in front of Kagami all of her progress will be destroyed.

She even sing about it in her character song Dondake Fanfare:

"That girl's a great Tsundere. This strange conversation must trigger a flag."

In fact, later in the same volume, when she convinces Kagami to go to the Karaoke:

She triggers a flag! 
And this isn't the last one she will trigger, she will continue until she build up her love level.

And then will happen what Tsukasa says encircled, she says:
 "a manga ends when somebody confesses their love and the two become a couple", and with the title being peak  it means this is a sneak peak of how the manga will end: 

Konata and Kagami will become a couple when the final flag is triggered.

Later in volume 8 you can confirm all of this in just one page:

She confirms she's just biologically a girl.

She thinks about having a real girlfriend in front of Kagami.

And then Kagami doesn't know what she means, but I'm sure you know what she means, and I'm sure you know Konata just triggered a flag again.

The final conclusion is:
Konata is in love with Kagami, and she will get to the final event once she finishes to trigger flags.

But there's also official evidence that isn't canon, but still is official, so:

Official Evidence

The first official evidence is the song 100% nai nai nai, the Kagami character song in which her Dere Dere side confesses each feeling she has:

As you can see with the lyrics, Kagami realizes her feelings towards someone who she accompanies to shop for suspicious goods and that she helps with her homework.

What person do you think she's talking?
Of course, Konata!

And she even confirms she was praying to be in the same class with her in episode 12!

With this song I have only one opinion:

This song is like a mirror, because it simply reflects what is in Kagami's heart.

The rest of the evidence are official pictures:

By KyoAni:

By Yoshimizu:

And our final conclusion is:

Konata x Kagami
100% Canon


  1. These are great evidences! =D I couldn't have done it better myself! You did a really nice job putting everything in detail and the way how you showed your evidences to prove that Konata and Kagami are in love with each other. It must've took you forever to do this, but you know what they say, hard work really pays off. Keep up the good work! Konata x Kagami FTW!!!


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